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Máy dò kim loại cầm tay GP-140

Mô tả: CALL: 0193530092 ( để có giá tốt nhất)
Giá bán: 4,350,000 VND
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Xuất xứ: Hàng chính hãng
Ngày đăng: 06-08-2014

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GP-140 Super Handheld Metal Scanner , Police Metal Detector For Ensure Public Security

  Quick Detail:

  1. Wireless Recharger and Super High-sensitivity

2. Metal detector with Detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals and Very long battery life

3. One-key switch between buzzer & LED alarm mode and vibration alarm mode

4. Anti-slip handle design and screw type battery cover.


  This model is a sensor type rechargeable detector aiming at high-end application.

Innovative structure design, taking into consideration of operation convenience and hand grip details, creating a perfect product.

Detecting large area in a even way, extra-high sensitivity, simple and easy operation, without missed detecting.

No need to adjust sensitivity, with high sensitivity mode and low sensitivity mode available. A slight touch on the panel and it's done.

One-key switch between buzzer & LED alarm mode and vibration alarm mode.

Personalized anti-slip handle design.

Abandoning the conventional cord contact recharging method and adopting the latest sensor type recharging technology, possessing independent intellectual property right.

Sensor type recharging base.

Anti-slip handle design and screw type battery cover.





  1. safety-check: Police, Ensure public security , Court of justice, Prison, Gymnasium and the place which need to detect the dangerous items ,such as gun ,knife
  2. The factory security: chemical plant, Mine factory, Electronic factory, Hardware factory, Plastic products factory
  3. Education system: To detect the Cheating tools that used in the college entrance examination,  Medium test , civil service examination and so on





Product dimensions


Packing dimensions

Hand held:430mm*140mm*110mm


Sealing performance

IP 64

Gross weight

365 g/ pcs

Working power supply

6F22ND 9V battery

Alarm mode

Buzzer and LED synchronized

   Competitive Advantage:

  High sensitivity, can detect a stitching needle

Have the wireless charging and with long working hours